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January 22, 2016 (MP3: 13.0 MB: 28:18 minutes).


Computer trouble and lack of shows.

Fighting allergies while pregnant.

The optimal baby building diet for pregnant women.

How to spark the birth process for a pregnancy that had gone over term.

What to dop for chronic neck and shoulder pain.

What to do for a herniated disc in the neck.

The truth about the actual mineral content in chelated magnesium and other chelated minerals.

This one's aduzy: internet bull poop about enzymes.

40+ cyclist endurance athlete and yogi with extreme fatigue.


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March 4, 2016 (MP3: 12.9 MB: 28:03 minutes).

Hormone Balance, Fertility and Hair Loss in women.

Have brain swelling. Can you prove that the proteolytic enzymes pass the brain blood barrier?

Chronic asthma, can the medications be gottten rid of?

Can diabetes be cured, how are enzymes used against diabetes, can children take enzymes for diabetes.

Is coffee good or bad?

Why is our magnesium made from magnesium oxide?

Why is calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide added to the Zymessence formula?

Do organic and non organic minerals get absorbed better?

What can boost testosterone in a 57 year old man?

Why the pro testosterone supplements don't work in older men?

Did the NAZI's care about tooth decay in their concentration camps?

Treating demylinating of spinal nerves.




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March 11, 2016 (MP3: 12.09 MB: 28.03 minutes).

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertensioln and an $8,000 a month drug.

How long will the fitness of exercise last in life?

Does pancreatin in Zymessence contain Trypsin and Chymo Trypsin?

Why is our Zymessence not like Dr. William Kellys recommendations?

54 year old weight training man needs to loose weight, fight diabetes.

What is the most hygenic way to dispense herbs? Are some herbs counter produxctive?

Points in the news:

Diet turns genes on and off.

Lead poisoning, what to do!

How to be toxin free!!!


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April 28, 2016(MP3: 13.6 MB: 29.31 minutes).

Why O blood types have larger brains and resist dementia longer.
How millianials have been dumbed down and why.
How web bots and predictive language reports can give you a heads up.

Q and A's:

Enzymes and surgery, enzymes and fibroids.

Testimonial on wound healing from Dr. Wongs advice.

Quinoa, is it good to eat.

Should supplements be taken with food or away from food?

How much copper do we need? Why copper supplementation is horrible!

Nutritional and naturopathic myths and wives tales!

Amloydosis, can systemic enzymes lyse that?

Can DMSO and enzymes be taken as an IV?

Why research on systemic enzymes has slowed down.


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June 3, 2016 (MP3: 13.2 MB: 28.37 minutes).

38 year old with painful varicose vein, what can be done naturally.

Prostate and thyroid questions.

Will a particular testosterone booster work?

Why a product with more ingredients works less than one with fewer ingredients.

Knee pain from knee replacement and sciatica.

What to do for mononeuclosis?

What to do for Duputrens Contracture?

Will enzymes cause hair loss?

Will adrenal products work for someone on testosterone replacement?


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July 23, 2016(MP3: 12.3 MB: 26.47 minutes).

Rebuilding mitochondria and treatment for mononeuclosis patients.

Why some seniors in Arizona shouldn't be driving.

Crohns syndrome, leaky gut and schizophrenia.

Is spotting natural during the naturtal anti fibroid therapy.

Can folks with high stomach acid get off the medical anti acid drugs.

Swollen ankles and high blood pressure in a 28 year old diabetic patient.

Is there a natural cure for a hernia?

Not being able to sleep after medical therapy for infections. What to do?

Will systemic enzymes help against Psoriatric Arthritis and help to lower SED rate in the blood?


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July 29, 2016 (MP3: 28.9 MB: 31.29 minutes).

What exercise is best for hyper tension?

14 year old with daily migraines.

Lower extremity pain and lack of recovery after hiking in a 60+ year old man.

Wants to increase muscle mass as a vegetarian.

Renal fibrosis patient wanting to increase muscle mass balancing kidney function vs increasing protein for muscle building.

Things a particular anabolic steroid is good for.


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