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March 28, 2015 (MP3: 12.4 MB: 26:54 minutes).

1) Why does every diet invented get taken over by the anal retentive, bean counting 12 step accountant types!!! How diets go from guidelines to “religions”.
2) The new technology for free energy - Magnetic Gravitational technology:
3) The Fed’s war against cash. Why you can’t take out more than $5000 from your bank account or the bank will call the cops!!! Why your money isn’t your money!
4) Combat mindset, getting the intuition sharper, having the warrior mindset as opposed to being a poser. What to read to gain an understanding.

Q and A
5) Is more serrapeptase needed over and above what’s in Zymessence for COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis? What’s needed for Lupus?
6) Type 1 diabetes, what to do?
7) Are Liquid Amino’s okay to consume?


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March 14, 2015 (MP3: 14.8 MB: 32:12 minutes).

Points in the News:

ATT now selling cell phone privacy as an option!
How surveillance of an individual is now total 24/7 following you everywhere.
Why governments monitor trends.
Pope in favor of getting rid of celibacy.
History of celibacy in Christianity.
FDA admits 40% of drug research is fraudulent.

Q and A:

Chronic fatigue, what is it and where it comes from.


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February 14, 2015 (MP3: 12.7 MB: 27:37 minutes).

Q and A’s:

Is HCG needed in a testosterone replacement protocol?
Does the Arizona heat adversely effect the Zymessence during shipping and delivery?
Undoing the good hormone killing effects of Propecia.
Blood clots hardening in the legs and lungs.
Is Nattokinase necessary to fight blood clots?
Super chronic and painful swollen prostate.
High total Testosterone while having Low free Testosterone.
Hep C case of 30 years clears completely after following Dr. Wong’s protocols!
Who makes the best horney goat weed.
Link to Mike Mahler interview with Dr. Wong on the 4 things needed to have sexual function.

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