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October 3, 2015 (MP3: 14.0 MB: 30:29 minutes).

Q and A's:

Can natural substances replace medical thyroxin?  Plus a testimonial for Zymessence.
Are you getting enough thyroxin?  Who are the true experts in thyroid and hormone medicine now?
Should menopausal women take magnesium and zinc?
How do orally taken enzymes know not to eat good useful tissue?  What references can tell about the therapeutic use of enzymes.
How not to get sick with the flu and other viruses?
Cirrhosis of the liver, breast cancer and hemophilia questions.
Chronic dysfunction, physical pain and its relation to grief.
 Long term toenail fungus, ringworm and athletes foot.   Dealing with fungus on the outside and inside of the body.  Why not use essentials oils against athlete’s foot?    Seeking balance between naturopathic and allopathic treatment. 
Progesterone to Estrogen ratio. 
Question on Andrive, it is available?
Why are more radio shows / podcasts not being posted.
Post surgery scar tissue causing pain after spinal stenosis surgery.   The untold effects of spinal stenosis surgery.    Applying systemic enzymes against spinal stenosis. 
Dr. Charles W Turner and “Healers Disease”. 
Chronic foot and arch pain in a youngster. 



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October 10, 2015 (MP3: 12.9 MB: 27:59 minutes).

Q and A’s:

Hair loss in a 15 year old boy.   All of the factors involved in hair loss.  
Alzheimer’s, natural therapy. 
How has Prolozone Therapy been working for Dr. Wong’s knees and shoulder?

In the news:

National Cancer Institute  admits that tens of thousands of patients lied to and told they had cancer and treated via chemotherapy and surgery when they did NOT have cancer.  
How many people are killed by their doctors and allopathic  medicine?
What percentage of chemotherapy patients are killed by the chemotherapy? 
What percentage of the US medical industries income comes from cancer therapy?
Strong Cities Network plan.  Foreign cops and UN Peacekeepers  to police US cities.   
Christianity, Europe and Western culture being destroyed. 



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October 24, 2015 (MP3: 12.26 MB: 26.36 minutes).

I told you so about antioxidants, they promote cancer!

What to do when the mandatory vaccination laws come for you.

Q and A's:

Ultra sound treatment melts a mans spinal nerves and upper spine. Doctors clueless. What to do for healing.
Will Zymessence enhance electro therapy in a patient with a frozen shoulder?
The benefits of Prolozone Therapy.
Are there less expensive ways to stop blood vessels from growing in tumors?
What can substitute for our Bio Hem iron, B12 and Folic Acid tonic.
Will systemic enzymes cause rejection of cadaver bone implants?
Supporting the Raider Project.

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