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All of the audio files on this website are in mp3 format. Which makes them accessible to just about everyone. Even so, problems can arise and hopefully the suggestions on this page will help you be able to listen to the files if you experience a problem.
If you find that the audio file you have chosen is not playing on your computer, then try highlighting the entire web url address (the one in the browser window that begins with and choose Edit Copy from the browser menu bar. Then open your audio software (ie: Real Player) and paste the address in your audio software player window.
Another option is to Right Click on the listen icon or the audio file name and choose save to desktop (may also be copy to desktop or download linked file). This will actually place the file on your desktop for you to open with your audio software or download to any other mp3 medium such as an iPod. Some of the larger files like the lectures and conference calls make take 10 - 20 minutes to download depending on your internet connection.
If after trying the above mentioned suggestions, you continue to experience difficulties please feel free to contact us.
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