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September 20, 2008 PodCast Transcription

Howdy. Dr. Will Wong here, and thank you for joining me for tonight’s episode of The Essentials of Life and Wellness. Let’s call this part of the show today, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You. You know it is absolutely astounding to me that doctors don’t tell their patients that they’re almost terminal. Just got a call from a gal who was gaining about a pound or two a day of fluid in her legs. Her doctor had already put her on Lasix, but she thought that her kidneys and that her heart were absolutely fine and perfect. The doctor just happened to give her the Lasix for whenever she was holding fluid. The idiot doc did not level with her and tell her that she wouldn’t have been holding fluid if either her kidneys, her heart, or both had not been going south on her. You only give Lasix when the kidneys are dysfunctional. He did not tell her that she was heading towards a major disease crisis. And he did not level with her at all, just left her in the dark with the Lasix pills all clueless and happy. Thinking that she’s basically a healthy person, but sometimes she just eats too much salt and her body holds water.

That’s not the way it happens, folks. Healthy kidneys, healthy hearts don’t retain water. If you’re sitting all day and the water begins to pool in your ankles, you get swollen ankles. Your kidneys aren’t working well. And your muscles aren’t exercising enough. If you gained a pound in your sleep from water-weight gain, your kidneys and your heart are not working, especially your heart, because it shouldn’t have been happening while you were sleeping! Your legs should not be swelling up in your sleep. They should be draining. If you heart doesn’t have the pumping action to pump the fluid out of your legs while you’re in a reclining position, how the heck is it going to have the pumping action to pump the fluid out of your legs when you’re standing up or sitting? Think about that.

I don’t mind giving out health and nutritional advice to folks, but when I have to be the one to tell folks that they’re on the skids and heading to the grave, I don’t like that job. That’s not my job that’s their physicians job. I don’t even know half these folks; heck, I don’t know any of these folks that I talk to on the phone or communicate with over the email, they are just people who come up and ask questions and I have to be the one who levels with them. Why the hell aren’t their docs doing it? I also have to talk and counsel folks who have not given a thought to death at all, ever in their lifetimes. It is a subject they have avoided even in their extreme, old age; they don’t want to talk about death or think that it’s ever going to happen to them. They’re going to avoid it; it’s not going to happen to them. If they don’t think about it, they wont draw it near them. That’s idiocy. That’s absolute idiocy. And yes, I know it’s part of this new age hokey philosophy that if you don’t think about something you’re not going draw it towards you. But death is unavoidable. And when you know that things are going wrong with your body, when you know that major things are going wrong with your body; to think that you can reverse the irreversible, to think that some miracle of medicine is going to come up and save you, to think that you can doctor hop, and find the right doctor who will save you life, and extend it for bloody ever, is just absolute stupidity.

There have been so many times when I have had to take off my doctor’s hat and put on my priest hat, and start talking to folks about crossing over.  About getting ready to cross over. And, you will be absolutely amazed how many folks don’t want to listen to that!  They have never in their lives had a spiritual thought. They have never in their lives had a religious thought. Death has been the furthest thing from their minds, and it comes to them as a surprise and a shock, and oh they are horrified to think they’re going to die! Oh my god! But everybody dies. Everybody has to get ready to die. Everyone has to get ready to cross over. To live a life expecting not to die is lunacy. To live a life expecting to just kind of shrug it away, oh it’s not going to happen to me, is absolute idiocy. Now I have to say that women ignore death and serious sickness more than men do. When guys get older, we get somber, we start thinking about death, we start thinking about crossing over, and our wives and our girlfriends and our daughters all say, “oh don’t think about that, that’s not going to happen anytime soon, dah, dah, dah, dah.” But the guys are being reasonable, and the women are not. This is also why usually men are better prepared for death than women are. Most guys, once they start feeling that things aren’t going right, begin to start thinking about the process of passing on and some of them get religion and some of them don’t, most of them do. And they make their peace with God, and they get ready to go.

With many gals, death comes as a shock. “Oh my god I never expected her to die, she had that massive cerebral blow out, but oh my god, she looked so healthy, she looked so good just yesterday!” It can happen that fast.

Actually, you want it to happen fast. You really don’t want a slow, deteriorating death. But death can catch you at a moment’s notice. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to cross over? Are you ready to go through and change your address to get to the spiritual side of things, without fear? Without trepidation, with the assurance that things will be beautiful and easy and wonderful on the other side, absolutely better than whatever you had to put up with here. The inevitability of death is something we absolutely have to get ready for. Absolutely have to make our souls right for. We have to make any recompense we need to make. We have to apologize to anyone we need to apologize to. We need to make sure that we’re right with God. We need to make sure that when we leave, our family knows that we love them.

I heard a very sad story today about a doctor friend of mine, who was killed by a hospital. Accidentally killed “on purpose” because of the work that he had done which had taken so much money away from conventional allopathic medicine. We won’t get into the exact details, but the men in black did him in, and he died without a fight. He was so tired, he was so drawn out. He had no support system. Here was a man who spent his life saving hundreds, possibly thousands of people from grave disease and death. And yet he personally had no one in his life to support him. I see this time after time after time. All the true healers are just like Jesus right after Gethsemane. There ain’t nobody around to help. No one around to support. No one around to morally uplift. When the thieves come in the night, the disciples disappear.

We have to make sure that the people who have helped us, that the people who uphold us, that the people who cure us, are themselves upheld, are themselves supported, and are themselves healed. Take care of your Shamans, take care of your medicine men, take care of your priests, take care of the real doctors that you have around you, take care of the hands on healers, take care of those who care for others. Don’t let God be the only one who cares for these folks!

But getting back to being ready for death. How would you live if you knew you were going to die within a minute? Bruce Lee taught that we need to be ready for death at any time. Totally prepared to cross over at any second. As the Spanish Legion teaches, death is absolutely tolerable if you can stand to look it in the eye.

And now let’s go off on a slightly different direction. You know I spent a good bit of last week recording some television shows out of town with my good friends Dr. Abram Ber, and Dr. Doris Rapp. You may have heard me talk about Dr. Ber and Dr. Rapp before. Dr. Ber is an ex-anesthesiologist, who holds the first homeopathic license ever issued by the state of Arizona. He is very likely, the world’s best homeopath. And he has had his homeopathic, his natural medicine practice in Arizona for about the last 30 years.

My friend Dr. Rapp is the world’s leading pediatric allergist. She’s an environmental medicine specialist, who has been dealing with allergies, especially children’s allergies and what’s sparks children’s allergies, her entire practice.  She is the author of the best selling book Is This Your Child’s World? And she is the author of this wonderful book: Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call, Chemicals Damage your Body, Brain, Behavior, and Sex. This book is an absolute must have. Our Toxic World is something that belongs in every listeners book shelf. You absolutely need to read this book, you need to memorize the things that can hurt you. You need to just know the information that’s in this book to stay away from the nasty stuff that can dramatically alter your life, and those of your loved ones, and that can kill you. Our Toxic World, and it is available directly from Dr. Rapp, at, again that’s  Dr Rapp is a wonderfully spiritual woman. With her work in helping children for over 40 years. She has the world’s best experience on how these chemicals, how these nasty things, how the bad things in food are doing everything from creating disease to making people genderally neuter. I just invented that term. She complains about all the young men at beaches who are growing gynocomasty, otherwise known as ‘bitch tits’ otherwise known as “breast on men’ who have these really high voices, have these little itty bitty penis’s and have no inkling towards manhood at all. She complains about the women who have been exposed to plastics and chemicals, who aren’t really sure that they’re gals, don’t know that they should want to reproduce, can’t have the ability to reproduce anyway even if they wanted to, and are probably leaning more towards being men.

All of this is environmentally induced. All of this is induced by food. And she hasn’t said it, but I will. All of this is part of the UN’s Agenda 21 issues, the Codex Alimentarus. The drive towards UN control of all industry, supposedly to protect the environment. All of these things are meant as population control to dwindle the population of the planet down to about less than 2/3rds of what it is now, which means you’ve got to kill several billion people in order to do that. And then to herd the rest of us into areas so that Gaia  the earth mother can have a pristine environment in which to flourish.

People who read Biblical archaeology review know that Gaia was the consort of Baal. Baal, is the most evil of the god’s that ever existed in ancient times. He can be very much likened to Satan. Baal demanded the sacrifice of children on burning alters to him. Well we don’t have the burning alters any more, but we do have the sacrifice of children in the United States since Roe Vs. Wade, and it’s pretty obvious that the Gaia worshippers want to get rid of most of the rest of us on the planet, so that whatever satanic forces are there, can have the planet to themselves.

But I’m getting way off of what I wanted to talk to you folks about. We recorded a series of television show pilots on how our spirituality had guided our entry into natural medicine, how it had guided our choice of therapeutics, and how it guided us through intuition to help make the proper diagnosis. We were also speaking about our near death experiences, and how those had changed our lives and made us the spiritual beings that we are today.

I was very honored to have been included with Dr. Rapp and Dr. Ber up on the same stage, up on the same dais during these interviews, and during the taping of these television shows. And it was great, great, great fun to see my friends again, because honestly I hadn’t seen them in a good number of years since I left Phoenix.

Now one of the things that I picked up from Dr. Rapp is her mantra on allergen identification. You know she says that as soon as you get an allergy attack, you immediately have to think of three things: what did I just eat, what did I just touch, what did I just smell. If you think through those three things, you’ll find out what the allergen was that had just set you off. Now mind you, we’re not talking about the allergies from trees, crab grass, or ragweed that’ll set your nose running and make your eyes water. We’re talking about the allergies that send you into a severe histamine reaction. That are so strong that they can alter the personality of children. Dr. Rapp has tapes of her patients, her little kids being exposed to the air from carpeting that had just been installed in schools. And you can see when these, the little fan flows over this little piece of carpet that had just been brought in from a school, first the children’s ears turn red. In some instances, their lips actually blister and then the kid goes completely ape, bouncing around the room, yelling, screaming, being uncontrollable. Now these days, the conventional teachers will say, ‘oh well the child is just hyperactive, ADD, ADHD” and they will demand with their wonderful medical education that teachers have, (most of them are barely literate), that the kids be put on Prozac. If you’ve ever been around teaching colleges, most of them are pretty damn sorry, especially in the Deep South. I don’t want these people diagnosing me or my children, or anybody else’s’ children, and prescribing medications. They don’t have the smarts, they don’t have the education, and they certainly don’t have the clinical experience that tell folks when to put a child on drugs. But, since nobody spanks anymore, the way that we control our kids is to burn out their brains with Ridlin or Prozac. I’ve spoken about that before, whole other issue, you can listen to the pod cast on that. You can go look at Dr. Larry Wilson’s work on the internet on how all the violence in schools since 1993 has been driven by Prozac, or by Ridlin, or both.

I mention it now so that you are aware. That these synthetic fibers, that the paints, that the glues, that the building materials, that especially the plastics, are all having a detrimental effect on us personally. Not just the environment, screw the environment. They’re having a detrimental effect on us inside and in our internal environment. Let’s clean up our insides first before we ever try to clean up our outside. Let’s remove the log from our eye before trying to remove the moat from our brother’s eye. So again, to repeat the mantra: what did you eat, what did you touch, what did you smell. What did you eat, what did you touch, what did you smell. What did the child eat? What did the child touch? What did the child smell before he went absolutely bonkers and started bouncing around the room. Before he started running around the store, before he started spinning circles, before he became incoherent and just gazed onto the walls. And again, I don’t think that the release of all these chemical toxins, be they plastics, be they insecticides, be they neurotoxins, disguised as organo-phosphate fertilizers, I don’t think any of these things that have been released are an accident. I think it’s all part of the population control agenda of the UN and the higher powers that really run things in this world. I.E. All the Agenda 21 folks.

I’ve spoken so much about Dr. Ber and Dr. Rapp tonight that I need to give you their contact information in case you want to call them, or in case you want to go see them. Actually, Dr. Rapp no longer sees anyone, but Dr. Ber still does, his practice is in Scottsdale, Arizona, so unless you intend to pick your hinny up and take yourself there, don’t call him. If you want to pick you hinny up and take yourself there to see him, then give a ring at (480) 941-2141. That’s (480) 941-2141. Expect to have a wait of 1-3 months to see the good doc, as he has folks coming to him from all over the world. That’s how good he is, you’ll meet folks in his waiting room from all over the planet.

Now as to Dr. Rapp, her website is: www. That’s And all of her books are available through the website.

Now we’ve just had hurricane Ike cut through part of Texas, right around Galveston and Houston and sweep up in to the heartland of America, and again it serves to remind us that the prepared shall survive. I’ve been asked by a few folks via emails and via phone calls to touch on some of the things, some of the points in survival, and I will be doing that little by little in the coming weeks, giving little tips and advice. First thing as always, you need to know what’s going on. So, radios, portable radios, battery operated radios, especially radios like the Free Play radio that you can wind up. It has it’s own little mini electrical generator inside. Grundig makes one also. That have their generators and these radios will receive on AM/FM and short wave, so you can get the news, any of a number of different ways. Most of these radios, with the built in generators, also have built in flashlights to aid with being able to see in case the lights, the power goes out, and talking about power, it behooves you to have a portable generator. Generators are wonderful things, whether you’ve got them hooked up to your house permanently and run by gas, or whether you’ve got the little portable ones you can wheel around or haul around, that run on gasoline, or diesel. You can keep your refrigerator running, you can keep your freezer running, you can keep your food from spoiling, you can have some light in the darkness, you can have some comfort in the lack of power by having these generators. When hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina, I lived in the highlands in the upstate of South Carolina, but some friends of mine who lived down by Charleston had their generators on their balconies and were running them, and it was their only source of power for days. As I’ve mentioned before, having canned food, canned milk, powdered milk and the like around is very important. But let’s touch on the most important thing for survival. And besides air, the most important thing for survival is water. In most situations, like a natural disaster, like a hurricane, water supplies become tainted, and contaminated, and they are no longer drinkable. What do you do to make water drinkable? There are lots of different things you can do. Katadyn and Berkey both make really wonderful water filters, they can filter out just about anything nasty in water. All the debris, all the sediment, all the nastiness, even poop can be filtered out of water. And then to further ensure the purity of water, always make sure that you’ve got 1-2 gallons of high-grade chlorine bleach, like a Clorox around, or a swimming pool chlorine, and for every gallon of water, you can use 4-8 drops of chlorine, 16 if it’s really nasty. Let the water sit with the chlorine in it for 20 minutes, shake it around a bit, make the chlorine flow into all the different crooks and nanny’s to homogenize it throughout the water, and then it will be drinkable. Filter it first, get all the debris out, as much as you can, even if it’s just with a handkerchief, or piece of cloth. Then put in the chlorine and that will work. You can also use about the same number of drops of technical or food grade peroxide, lacking that you can use about the same number of drops of Betadine, which is the topical iodine that you use on wounds. You should always have a quart or a gallon, if you’ve got a larger family, of Betadine around. You can get it at the horse feed stores. You should always have that to treat and disinfect wounds that you can incur during these times of emergencies.

You should have yourself a decent first aid kit, and not just Band-Aids and a little bit of Neosporin. You need to have splints, you need to have triangular bandages, you need to have all the stuff that you might possibly need to take care of whatever major thing might happen. And by so saying, you should go to your local red cross and take a first aid course. If you’ve got the time, might not be a bad idea to take a course as a paramedic, as an EMT, and then into leading into being a paramedic. Now you might not have the time or the funds to do that, but certainly, a few hours spent with the Red Cross taking a basic first aid course is a wonderful way to invest your time in something that could save your life or the life of a loved one.

Being prepared is more than having gadgets. Lots of folks think survival is about gadgets. They want to be MacGyver, they want to have gadgets, they want to be able to do things, and build things to survive, and that’s all nifty. But surviving is more about the information in your head and how you use it, than having all the gadgetry in the world that may prove absolutely useless in your greatest hour of need.

And with that, I will sign off, wishing you all God’s blessings, Godspeed, we’ll chat again next week. Be well and God Bless. Bye, bye.

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