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October 11, 2008 PodCast Transcription

Howdy, Dr. Will Wong here, and thank you for joining me tonight for the Essentials of Life and Wellness. I’ve been asked to comment on the current financial ills and things that are happening in the financial world today that are affecting us all, very, very, very deeply.

This one particular fellow, Anthony, who asked me to comment on some of the things that are happening is himself going through a business failure due to the mortgage crisis and himself is going through a restructuring, and a bankruptcy. The people in his church, some of the folks in his church, are looking at him askance because he is looking at going through a bankruptcy. This is all due to the German theology of the 1500’s, which is the prevalent theology in most of our Protestant Churches.

In German Protestant theology, success is considered to be a sign of God’s favor so wealthy and successful people are smiled on by God. They are living "right" according to this theology. You know, having lived in the Deep South, having lived in the Southwest where there are a lot of churches that are really strict in this theology and the adherence to this theology. I have seen so many nasty, thieving, no good people elevated in these churches; thought of greatly, given the choice seats, etc., etc., etc., because they were wealthy. They were very well to do. Therefore, according to the theology,  they had God’s favor but you know when you took a look at these folks they were absolutely nasty, lying, underhanded thieves, and absolutely not worthy of the favors given to them by those churches.

In contrast, the Catholic theology of the time and even until today is one where if you have deprivation, if you have suffering, then that puts you in God’s favor and you know that is the formula for creating slaves. That is the formula for making that far away elitist church that rules over you your master. So, in essence both of these outlooks are wrong. Success and failure are two ends of the same cycle. In the financial world, we know that everything happens in cycles. There is something called the Kondratiev Wave that I’m not going to even try to explain but everything happens in cycles of boom and bust and we try to make the times in between good times last as long as we possibly can but there will always be a bust for every boom.

We have had a number of years of a boom market that coupled with some really, really bad federal policies of issuing mortgages out based on race, based on color, based on ethnicity, or whatever but to folks who absolutely could not pay. It set those folks up for failure and loss and it sets society up in general for a financial bust. So, thank you Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for setting up those programs that have led to this financial bust but as I said it all goes through cycles for every boom there is a bust and the period in between is when we are happiest.

Now, how do we recover from this? Let me not speak to you as an idealist throwing out platitudes with no experience to back those platitudes up. Let me speak to you as someone who has lost a home. I have lost a practice (or better said had one stolen from me). I have gone through bankruptcy and at the end of it all God still smiled at me. He was smiling at me throughout. They were all lessons that I had to learn and we have come out at the other end of things much richer, much wiser and most importantly much stronger than we had been previously and things have been much prettier than they have ever been during the old boom times.

God allowed me to see the people who were manipulating me, the people who were using me and the people who were lying to me even when they were married to me, even when they wore religion on their sleeves to cover up how nasty and how bad they were on the inside and how rotten their souls were. And, God has paid the people who did me wrong in-kind. Not just, for the grief that they caused me but these people were also causing grief to many others, God has come by, and those folks are being punished in some very imaginative ways that I could have never dreamed of punishing these folks. God balances everything. And, just as he balances the ills that people have done with the ills that befall them, God balances the suffering that we have undergone with great joy. And the good thing about it is, that for all the suffering that we had to undergo God will reward us ten fold with joy.

You want to talk about being in God’s favor. Undergoing the trials that life has presented to us with faith that believing in all things no matter how bad things get. God is looking after us and he will bring us out the other end. That faith, that total belief in the support of the Heavenly Father is what brings us into God’s favor. That even in the worst of times, we look to God for help. We look to God for support and we love God. Jesus did not give up believing in the Father because the cup was not passed in the Garden of Gethsemane. He did not loose faith then. He stuck with the plan. He carried out the routine and he met a very painful and dreadful end but what was his reward at the end of it?  The resurrection! And just like Jesus, just like that example, we may want to pass the cup but God has a different plan.

We may want to avoid the pain and suffering but life has a different plan. We may not want to go through the experience, the dread, the depression but the cycles have a different plan. And just like Jesus, just like in his suffering, we will go through the worst of it. We will suffer. We will feel really bad. We may feel like dying. In the end, our own efforts will resurrect us. Our own pain and suffering will resurrect us. Our own doing and pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps will resurrect us.

Remember what I said last week about self-reliance. Your self-reliance will resurrect you. Those of you, who have served, know that in the middle of boot camp, it was the most awful time in your life. It was a crucible. It was a severe test. It was the hardest thing that you’ve ever done and the end of it seemed so far away. Then you got to graduation day. How far away did the bad stuff seem then? It really didn’t seem that it was all that long a time. And, it actually wasn’t all that long a time between your crucible and graduation day. It seemed far away while you were undergoing it but once you were done with it. It was done. And how did you feel on graduation day that you had gone through all of that and made it through the other end? You felt wonderful. You felt proud. You were stronger for it. The same way that steel is tempered with fire. God tempers souls with adversity. Remember your faith. Remember your love of God. And, remember your self-reliance and you will be resurrected!

Now, let’s change tact slightly and take a look at what supplementation we should have during hard economic times. You know every one has to reign in their spending. Everyone has to be frugal with their resources and make things stretch out so what do you absolutely must have, need to have good health, to not get sick, to maintain your well being during hard economic times. First and foremost, you need a good, strong systemic enzyme. The systemic enzymes, like I’ve said before, are the foundation of health, strength, longevity and well being. And they are the foundation of any solid nutritional program. More important than vitamins. More important than minerals. More important than Omega this or Omega that or any other foolishness. The systemic enzymes are the foundation on which everything else is built.

If you don’t have the enzymes, the vitamins and the minerals won’t work or work as well. If you don’t have the enzymes, your body will grow inflammation and if you don’t have the enzymes as you age, your internal organs will grow fibrosis, decrease in size and diminish in function.

There are over 70 systemic enzyme products on the United States market that I know of and by far the most potent, longest lasting in duration and most cost effective one is Zymessence™. Zymessence™ will last in the human body for 24 to 36 hours instead of the four to six hours that most of the vegetable based enzymes last. Zymessence™ has the highest amount of enzymatic action with the lowest dosing of any systemic enzyme available. Between one and three caplets a day is all anyone needs unless you get hit by a truck or fall off of a building in which case you may need four to six. And very importantly in hard economic times, the Zymessence™ is the most cost-effective. A 450 capsule bottle of anyone else’s systemic enzymes when they require you to take 15-30 of them a day in order to have a physiological effect, in order to get to an activation dose that bottle will last you 15-30 days whereas with my Zymessence™ you only need one, two or three caplets a day. So an $80.00 bottle will last you between two and six months at those rates of dosing. Two to six months, a heck of an investment.

Next, to take care of all the subnitches, we need a good, strong multivitamin mineral. As I said, my Daily Essence™ should be on the market in the next few weeks.

Now, let’s touch on the most important mineral that your body needs and no I am not talking about calcium. Those of you who have listened to my broadcast for a while know that I believe that magnesium is the single most important mineral that your body has because it is the single most plentiful mineral in all of your soft tissues. The heart is dependent on a good level of magnesium in the body. Your muscles are dependent on a good level of magnesium. Your bowels are dependent on a good level of magnesium. Magnesium is so absolutely important that when you don’t have it your muscles spasm. You have night cramps. You have cardiac arrhythmias. Things don’t work well without a good high level of magnesium in your tissues.

Now, luckily, the best absorbed and the least expensive magnesium supplement is available for about $2.00 a bottle in the laxative section of your drug store. It is a magnesium citrate liquid laxative. Now, don’t drink the whole bottle for gosh sakes. All you need is one to two tablespoons a day. Two tablespoons will yield 1,745 mg of the best absorbed magnesium that you can currently buy. I am not talking about the magnesium available to doctors in IV. I am not talking about any of the other fancified forms of magnesium. I am talking about supplemental magnesium that you can easily buy and you can easily afford. No form of mag available from your health food store as any other chelate will be absorbed as well or will work as well. And for under $2.00 a bottle you can’t beat the price. Just remember that once you open it keep it in the refrigerator. If you ever leave it out for a few days and it looks like it has grown a jellyfish inside there, if it has gotten cloudy, then it has gotten moldy.  Throw the stuff away and get yourself a new bottle.

Now, in terms of keeping you from getting sick; getting sick is really important in hard economic times because you might not have the where with all to go see a doc. In terms of keeping you from getting sick, boost up your level of acidophilus. Remember that the intestines are the largest producers of immunoglobulins in the human body once they are colonized with good bacteria. Most of us are colonized with pretty yucky nasty yeast. So you’ve got to do at least 8 to 16 weeks of recolonization, purposeful recolonization with a strong pro-biotic with a strong acidophilus bifidus supplement in order to have the epithelial tissue within the intestinal walls actually change and become a producer of immunoglobulins. And, here is where my Armoured Acidophilus™ just beats the band.

Most other acidophilus supplements have about three billion live cells per gram and by the time you eat it, by the time your stomach acid kills off a good bit of it, by the time your body heat kills off the rest of it, you might have about 10,000 cells surviving to try to colonize. When you take the lactobacillus sporogenes in my Armoured Acidophilus™, (my Armoured Acidophilus™ is 100% lactobacillus sporogenes) you get 100% survival. Nothing dies. Nothing gets killed off by body heat. Nothing gets killed off by stomach acid. These little acidophili are protected by spores and the spores dissolve away in the alkaline environment of the small intestine and then they help to proliferate and they help to recolonize. They will survive 100%.

Now, if you are actively fighting off an infection, I’ve got a couple of recommendations. Go to your health food store and get Oil of Oregano capsules. Now Oil of Oregano is four times weaker than Oregano oil. Remember that. Remember that ratio. Oil of Oregano is four times weaker than Oregano oil. So, what you do if you get the Oil of Oregano capsules is you take these things unfortunately almost by the handful when you are fighting off an infection.  You will feel them burning on the way down. You feel them burning again on the way out but they work pretty well at killing off an infection, a bacterial infection. If you are using the Oregano Oil instead of the Oil of Oregano, you can cut back your dose to one quarter of what you were taking of the Oil of Oregano.

Another great way of helping to kill bugs is with the Stabilized Oxygen. And not all stabilized oxygen supplements have high oxygen levels, including that special miracle mineral whatever it is, is touted and sold where all of its drawbacks are being touted as benefits; like having to put it into acid in order to release nascent  oxygen. That is a drawback being touted as a benefit. That is only three to five percent oxygen. If you use something considerably stronger like twenty five percent oxygen available in my stabilized oxygen then use about 20 drops of that four to six times a day in a glass of water or just about any beverage while you are actively fighting off an infection and 10 to 20 drops, two to three times a day as preventive maintenance. Do not do this with any other oxygen supplement, but mine; it can be used sublingually.

But again, Do not use any other oxygen supplement sublingually. In other words, don’t take that miracle mystery whatever it is and put a few drops of it under your tongue. It will burn you. It is as caustic as ammonia. It’s got a high pH and everyone is talking about how wonderful high pH is. People forget that high pH is as caustic as low pH. Lime is a caustic as acid. So, since the only oxygen supplement that you can use sublingually happens to be mine, you can use my sublingually but please don’t use someone else’s sublingually because it will burn the inside of your mouth to all get out.

So, in a nutshell, the must haves during hard times when you have to keep things at a bare boned minimum but you do want to maintain your health: systemic enzymes, a good strong multivitamin mineral, magnesium, a good strong probiotic to build up your immunity and to actively fight off infections, oil of oregano or oregano oil and stabilized oxygen. Now, if things are not super tight and you want to add more helpful supplements to your diet. I suggest that two other essentials might be zinc citrate and vitamin E. Both of those are really, really, really needed by the epithelial tissue to maintain their function, by the heart to maintain its function, by the tissues and your internal organs to help to regrow and patch themselves up, to repair themselves.

Zinc is the mineral basis for epithelial tissue. Epithelial tissue again consists of the eyes, the skin, the muscles and the internal organs so most of your body, most of the soft tissue that you have is based on Zinc. Vitamin E helps your heart to work better, keeps your blood nice and slick and it helps with all of the epithelial tissue as well.

Now, I have been asked again to outline what is necessary for gals to fight uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and fibrocystic breast disease. I’m going to arrange around the most common problems, which are the fibroids, but the advice holds true for all of the estrogen dominant conditions that I mentioned before. All of these conditions are driven by estrogen.

The growth of fibrosis, the growth of the cyst, the growth of the tumors are all driven by estrogen. So in controlling the fibroids we need to control your production of estrogen. And at the present moment in time, the best estrogen blocker and aromatase inhibitor ( I will explain what those two things are) is a product called Myomin from Dr. Chi. Three capsules taken three times a day, you can take more if you like. If you have super severe estrogen dominance, “and you know if you have super severe estrogen dominance, don’t you. You know perfectly well whether you have really bad estrogen dominance,” because that is the way you sound. You’re grumpy. You’re getting fat. You’ve got PMS all the dang time. Of course, that is how so many of the gals sound back East anyway. And your fibroids, or your cysts or whatever is just growing and growing and growing so the Myomin helps to fight the estrogen dominance by keeping you from making too much of the two bad estrogens, estradiol and estrone. Those are the two estrogens made by a process called aromatization and the Myomin helps to arrest that process.

Then we need to put in something to physically eat away at the fibers which the body is laying down in these cysts, in these tumors or throughout the womb. And to do that we use the Zymessence™ Systemic Enzyme at three capsules a day. Zymessence™ is powerful enough that you don’t need to take 30 capsules a day like you have to with other brands. You only need three a day and it will do a nice job at eating away at all that fiber.

Now, you have to stay away from everything that is considered to be a woman’s herb or a woman’s nutritional formula or a woman’s this or a woman’s that. All the women’s formulas, all of the women’s herbs, all of the preparations meant for women have estrogen in them from red raspberry to vitex to black cohosh. You name it. It is all chopped full of estrogen and it is going to make your condition worse. Also, stay away from soy. Soy is chocked full of estrogen. And stay away from flax because flax is three times stronger in estrogen than soy is. To augment the effects of the Myomin, to augment the action of the Myomin, I advise the use of a progesterone cream. Number one, the progesterone cream will, “keep you from sounding PMS grumpy,” and make you sound more like this; It will take the edge off of the PMS. It will take the edge off of the depression. I know many women, when they have those PMS driven migraines, or when they are really feeling, “icky and nasty and yucky,” put a dab of progesterone cream on their foreheads and within 15-20 minutes, they are right as rain. They feel great.

As you have heard me say before, I know many men who gently ask their wives, “honey, have you used your progesterone today?” They can tell a difference in their wives when they have used the progesterone and when they don’t use the progesterone. Now, if the fibroids are bleeding, we need to add something called an anti-angiogenic. In other words, it stops the formation of blood vessels. You see in fibroids, just like in cancer. I don’t mean to scare you but the growth does take a similar pattern. The tumor or the fibroid builds tons, and tons, and tons of blood vessels to feed itself  the glycogen, which is blood sugar and feed itself estrogen. Both of those things maintain its growth. If you put in an anti-angiogenic agent like the Angiostop by Dr. Chi. Then that will slow down or stop the formation of these new blood vessels. Your bleeding will slow down or stop completely. Then you will be able to build back your blood strength again using SSS Tonic and the Ora-Lingual B12™ but you need to stop the fibroids from bleeding. Often times as the fibroids are being eaten away by the enzymes, you will have bleeding and spotting and that is okay but if you have constant bleeding from your fibroids then you really, really, really need the anti-angiogenic agent, the Angiostop, to stop the formation of the blood vessels which also goes a long way towards killing the thing; causing it to shrink.

Now, on the progesterone cream, if you use the Karuna Pure that we offer, you need only a one quarter of a teaspoon application, once a day between day seven and twelve. If you ovulate early, you start on day seven. If you ovulate late, you start on day 12 and then you stop on day 27 of your cycle to allow your period to happen. If you are postmenopausal, I remember the great lie that “fibroids go away with menopause.” If that were the case, we wouldn’t be talking to 70-year-old gals who have fibroids. Would we?

If you are menopausal, apply the progesterone cream 25 days on and five days off. Now, I have to say that there are different rates at which gals have their fibroids shrinked and lysed away. The fastest that we’ve ever seen it happen is in three weeks. The slowest that we’ve ever seen it happen is in 16 months. The good news is that most gal fall somewhere in the middle and via ultrasound you should know somewhere between the third and sixth month whether the program is working for you. As best as we have been able to tell, there has been an 80% success rate with this program. So if you are desperate about your fibroids, if you are desperate about your ovarian cysts, if you are desperate about your endometriosis, if you are desperate about your fibrocystic breast conditions, try this program. Try the enzymes, try the progesterone, try the Myomin, try the Angiostop, if you need it. Hopefully, you will be among the 80% that it does work for.

And with that, I wish you all of God’s blessings, God’s support, God’s love. Until next week, I will be chatting with you again. Bye-bye.



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