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October 4, 2008 PodCast Transcription

Howdy.  Dr. Will Wong here, and thank you for joining me for the Essentials of Life and Wellness tonight.  Let’s talk about something you don’t think about until you don’t have it anymore, and that’s hand strength. 

Most of us who are young, I guess that excludes me, most of you folks who are young, don’t think about it much, as in today’s world with the lack of really hard manual labor most folks don’t really need an awful lot of hand strength.  But as we age hand strength does begin to dwindle.  Now for you lifters out there, those of you who use real weights and not machines, those of you who use kettle bells, you folks have plenty of hand strength.  You don’t have to worry.  Just keep on doing what you’re doing well into your old age and you’ll be fine. 

But for those of you out there who did not do a lot of strength exercises when you were younger, you’re finding that it is troublesome to open up those cans, to open up those bottles, to twist those adult proof caps on medicine, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  You know what I mean.  It even gets to be a problem to hang on to the steering wheel, run your transmission, and even open up your car door. 

When that hand strength gets to the point where you can’t hold a blow dryer, you can’t do this, you can’t do that, when it has so adversely affected your activities of daily living it’s too late to get most of it back.  If you look down at your hands once you’ve gotten to that point, you’ll notice they’ve become bony.  You can almost see right through them.  Just a skeletal hand covered with flesh, your tendons are sticking out, not an awful lot of muscle there.  Yes, you can get your strength back, but it is best to start working out your hand, in your late thirties, early to mid forties; before your hand ever gets that way. 

Those of you who don’t think you need hand strength, think again.  Look at all the things you do with your hands every single day. 

Now as I said, hand strength is part of strength training when you use real weight implements, such as barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells.  If you use machines, I remember back to when the Nautilus machines first came out, there was hardly anything there to grip, hardly anything there to pull, I had really strong lats, and really weak hands.  Because all the leverage was done by the elbows, by the shoulders, by the this, by the that; your hands hardly ever gripped anything.  I went from using those things to going back to an Olympic bar in-between a power rack.  So if you lift and if you continue to lift for the rest of your life, your hand strength will be fine.  You won’t have one of those bony, near useless hands that are just about good for picking your nose and scratching your backside, but not much good if you have to wipe real hard back there.

Now, if you want to develop your hand strength and you don’t weight lift, or if you want to develop your hand strength over and above your weight lifting, go to  These folks are the current world experts in hand training.  They have all sorts of gripping devices; I’ve got two of them here right next to my right hand.  These folks have all sorts of plate loaded machines, spring loaded machines, rubber balls, and all sorts of other stuff to recondition a hand and strengthen it so that you can do your activities of daily living.  So that you don’t have a dead fish handshake. 

You know, you X’ers and you Y Generation guys, you don’t realize when you give that dead fish handshake, all someone else feels is this, ew, on the other end of that handshake.  You’ve got to have a good grip to your hand.  You’ve got to have a good impressive strength to the hand.  That dead fish handshake is just nasty to get.  So all you younger guys out there who are all just kind of bone and adipose, and not that much muscle, start training and start training your hands for strength.  World keeps on going the way it is God knows you’re going to need that strength. 

Now those of you, who go to the Iron Mind website, if your hands are very weak, start off with their little green and blue eggs.  Those are the rubber eggs with a moderate, or a light resistance.  The green is a light, the blue is a moderate.  They call them one minute eggs.  And what you do is you squeeze the hell out of them for one minute.  You do that several times a day and your hands will get stronger.  Then you can graduate to the Captain of Crush Gripper. I will advise you to start off with the Training Gripper, that is their entry level gripper and it has 60 pounds of resistance.  In other words you need to be able to generate 60 pounds of gripping strength in order to close the gripper.  That’s the easiest one they’ve got. 

They have grippers that go all the way up to 360 pounds, plus they have grippers for working fingers individually, you know, these are wonderful tools for folks who have to do precision strength work with their fingers.  They’re also great rehab tools for getting the strength back in your hand after injuries or after surgery.  Now the Iron Mind folks are also very good in that they are purveyors of books that deal with true strength training.  You won’t find any bodybuilding crap amongst their library.  They will have books on Olympic lifting, power lifting, the Strong Man events; they’re really, really, really big on the Strong Man events.  And their magazine, Milo, (Milos in the old Greek pronunciation) is a true magazine for real honest to God strength training.  Not for bodybuilding, not for beach posing, not for having beach boy abs that are absolutely useless to stop a punch or to hold in your hernia, but actually usable strength that will transfer into your activities of daily living, into your work, and transfer positively into your athletics and into your life. 

And again folks, I don’t make a penny off of the Iron Mind folks.  They don’t even know I’m talking about them.  I love their stuff. I use their equipment and it is absolutely great because it fills in a gap that we don’t think about.  No one thinks of hand strength until they no longer have it.  Beef it up.  Get it stronger.  Have it there before you lose it, so that you don’t lose it and you’ve always got it.  Was that confusing?

Let's move on to a different subject: Tthe FDA is fairly close to banning progesterone cream and its availability over the counter.  All you will have left once the FDA bans progesterone is Progestin, which is as you’ve heard me say before, Progestin is a prescription drug.  It is a hybrid between progesterone and estrogen, meant to do birth control.  It is not progesterone. God did not invent a progesterone - estrogen hybrid.  Progestin is carcinogenic.  Progestin cannot be used to support a pregnancy and Progestin will not get rid of the PMS, the depression, the weight gain or anything else that estrogen dominance causes.

Now my pharmacologist friend has read the FDA memos and the FDA letters talking about the coming ban on topical progesterone and on progesterone’s availability as an over the counter, and he is setting about developing a substitute that will turn into progesterone once you use it. We’ll talk about this more as the time goes on. We are about to test it out and see how well it works given that everything else that my pharmacologist friend has created has worked great guns, and has actually worked better than anyone ever expected it to.  I expect this to be a great fallback position once the FDA actually gets rid of the progesterone.  But you know, you might be able to short circuit that progesterone ban if enough of you gals out there who depend on the progesterone creams for your sanity, to fight your fibroids, your endometriosis, your ovarian cysts, your estrogen dominance in general, to fight your hot flashes, if enough of you gals get together and have a mad PMS rage at the FDA, they may back off.  They have in the past, and you may be able to do it again. 

In case that doesn’t work we are already working on something that will be a fallback, that will be available when the progesterone is no longer available.  We’ll keep you informed on this as the time goes on. 

Folks have been asking when our multivitamin will debut.  It is really, really, really close.  All the prototypes have been tested and holy cow.  You take one of these at breakfast, you instantly wake up.  You take one for lunch, you don’t fall asleep at two o’clock in the afternoon.  And heaven help you if you take one after about six o’clock in the evening, you’ll be up all night.  This stuff will work as you’ve heard me say multis don’t always work.  Multis hardly ever work.  If you don’t feel it working it likely ain’t. 

It’s going in one end, it’s going out the other, it’s feeding the fish but it’s not doing you any good in-between.  Our multi, you will feel from dose one, you only need two caplets a day.  From the first dose on you will know that it is working.  You will never see the B complex vitamins as bright yellow urine.  You will never pee them out.  You will absorb it.  Absolutely everything that is in that caplet, it will be of benefit to you and you will feel the difference from day one.  By my best reckoning we are probably six weeks out from having that available; please keep on looking on our website;

Also on the news front an updated, and soft bound cover edition of my men’s book Maximum Male Performance, is about to be delivered to us, we’ve got a more convenient size, a strikingly beautiful cover, and more importantly new information in the book!  We’ve deleted the stuff that we’ve found no longer is effective and we have put in stuff, new stuff, supplements that we have found are effective.  And as Dr. Doris Rapp says, all men over 35 should read this book. She paid me a very great compliment when I did those TV shows with her a few weeks back.  She read through the book, she can speed read real fast, and she thought the book was not only funny but it dealt with material that men are worried about, men are concerned about, and that men absolutely need to know in order to maintain their manliness, once they get past 35.  That was a great compliment and I thank her for it.  And, you should get a new copy of the book.  We’ll have it available, again, within the next couple of weeks. 

Now I have been asked in emails to explain again my opposition to flax, when everyone else in the nutracuetical world seems to think that it’s God’s gift to creation.  I will remind you, flax has an even higher estrogen level than soy, substantially higher than soy.  Take a look at the Canadian pharmacological journal article that is posted on my website under the title “Phytoestrogen Food Content.”  The first offender in the list is flax.  Next, I invite you to read all of the studies done by the Barlene’s folks, who are the major flax purveyors in the United States, and probably maybe even the world. Take a look at the studies done on uterine fibroids and on prostate swelling, read the entire study.  Don’t just read the abstract, read the entire study and take a look and see where they spun it. 

The studies show that those men and women who took in lots of flax and eliminated lots of flax in the urine (and they tested the urine for the flax byproducts) those of them who eliminated, who  got rid of more of the flax and more of the estrogen, had less of a problem with uterine fibroid growth, or with prostate swelling, than those folks, who ate a lot of flax and kept the estrogen. 

So again that begs the question, why didn’t they have a third group of people who didn’t take any flax at all and used them as the control.  Think about that.  What would happened if you didn’t take that bloody estrogen, you probably would have been even more better off than the folks who managed to get rid of it more. 

Honestly, it seems I’ve been taken to task about this flax thing almost as much as I’ve been taken to task about my opposition to soy.  I have always been short-term wrong and long-term right.  People used to tell me that I was crazy for hating soy, that I was crazy for badmouthing soy, that the estrogens in soy were so gentle that they didn’t harm anyone, that they actually blocked real estrogen.  We came to find out that was not true.  We came to find out that soy destroyed testicular tissue in men permanently.  We came to find out that soy was turning boys into mental girls.  We came to find out that soy was causing all sorts of female problems: the fibrosis problems, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease.  We came to find out that soy was involved with all of that to the point where even now people as allopathic as the Mayo Clinic were telling their breast cancer survivors not to go anywhere near anything with soy. 

And they’re saying the same thing now about flax.  That the estrogen in flax is a very gentle estrogen, is a very mild estrogen.  Even if it were, the fact that it is in there in six digit figures would mean that it’s pretty strong.  But we know by its physiological effect that it is not a weak estrogen.  Just like they lied to us about the weakness of the estrogen in soy, they’re lying to us about the weakness of the estrogen in flax. 

All these guys with the high voices, the shrunken testicles, and the itty biddy wally wallies, who are telling me that flax is good for them, telling me that flax is good for men, really need to look in the mirror bare balls naked.  Is that what a guy is supposed to look like?  Are you what a guy is supposed to sound like?  And think of how emotional you are, and how just frustrated and venting you get when you badmouth me and my outlook on flax.  That’s exactly the way an estrogen dominate woman would act.  That’s exactly the way a gal with PMS would act.  Your behavior is a very feminine one, knock it off.  Grow a pair, and be a man! 

As you can tell I’m a bit sensitive on this issue because I’ve gotten so much flack from guys who are taking a whole heck of a lot of flax because of the omega this, or the omega that. Or helping them to have healthy hearts or whatever.  They could have really healthy hearts and they’ll be swinging eunuchs.  You can get your really good omegas from grass fed beef.  You can get your really good omegas from cod liver oil.  God knows we don’t need something with any added estrogen in it to make us healthy, because it isn’t healthy! 

I advise you all to read Dr. Doris Rapp’s book, Your Toxic World.  You can get it from and find out about all the sources of estrogen in the chemicals.  In the plastics, in everything that surrounds you.  And you’ll see why we definitely don’t need to add another bloody source of estrogen.  And by the way the fellow you asked me to clarify my stance on flax, is not one of those annoying little, ninny girly men who keep on harassing me about my stand on flax.  It was a legitimate question and actually I’ve had two or three questions this week from men about my stand on flax.  So my stand on flax must have appeared on some blog somewhere and I had several questions on exactly the same issue from real guys. 

Now here I have to get one more dig in.  There is one really well known nutritional guru out there to whom soy and flax are the most wonderful things in the world.  Anyone who opposes his view on life he says is because, those folks are being paid for by the agriculture industry, or the milk industry, or the meat industry, or whatever else.  He is accusing everyone else of doing what he’s doing with Monsanto and Archer Daniel Midland, in being supported in his show by the soy growers.  And you know, when you take a look at this guy, he’s very well known for causes that aren’t exactly manly, and he ain’t got a girlfriend or a wife.  So that should tell you exactly where his stance is and why he likes flax and soy as staple foods for men. 

Well now that I’ve vented my spleen about those girly men and their annoying PMSing way of being, let’s talk about something completely different.  I received a question from a young man who’s 20 years old telling me that he was short in stature and asking me if his height at the present moment in time was permanent, and if there was anything he could do to get himself a bit taller before his bones stopped growing.  And the answer is yes.  You know, the bones don’t finish ossifying; the growth plates on the long bones don’t finish calcifying up until you’re about 25 years old.  Now given individual variation you can vary that two years in either direction, but 25 is round about when you have your last growth spurt. 

When it happened to me, I was round about in the middle of 25, and a pair of blue jeans that I had bought just three weeks before didn’t fit anymore, I couldn’t get them up over my hips.  My body fat ratio was exactly the same as it was before.  Usually back then when I couldn’t get a set of pants on it was because I had been doing too much squat or leg pressing work and my thighs had gotten so big that I could no longer get them into the leg holes.  But in this instance it was that I couldn’t get them up over my hips.  And I scratched my head until I remembered Dr. Michielli in physiology teaching us that the final growth spurt happens somewhere around 25 and that usually you get a little bit taller, your hips got a little bit broader, your shoulders got a little bit wider, and that was the end of it forever period.  Up until the time when you begin to shrink somewhere between 50 and 60 on that was the height and that was the - the bone structure you were going to have. 

And by the way folks if you’ve been following this show you know that that shrinkage in height, that that shrinkage in bone density doesn’t have to happen.  Just go back to the old shows and listen to the show on osteoporosis.  But with this young fellow the first thing that I advised him to do was to take between six to nine hundred milligrams of calcium a day in the from of dairy foods. “Huh, oh my God, he’s telling people to eat dairy.  Oh, that’s terrible.  Dairy has all sorts of nasty things in it.” So say the vegetarians, who completely ignore the fact that the pasteurization at above the boiling point, that milk and dairy foods go through completely kill off the hormones, completely kill off any infective bugs that there might be in milk, and renders the milk completely safe to drink. 

Each glass of milk has about 300 milligrams of calcium, compare your average cheese head from the Midwest to all the little itty bitty dinky vegetarians, take a look at their size, take a look at their stature, take a look at the broadness of their shoulders, take a look at their overall strength, their musculature, and the density of their bones.  There ain’t no comparison. 

I spoke to a couple of docs who had become vegetarians once they became docs and in their 50s they discovered that if they still wanted to stay vegetarians they were going to die.  The average life expectancy of a vegetarian is 55.  They were getting sick.  They were getting depleted.  They were losing muscle mass.  Their internal organs were shrinking.  And at that point when they became regular omnivores again they deeply regretted having raised their kids as vegetarians because their kids had never grown as tall as they were.  Their kids had very light bone structure, very light musculature and their kids were not as thriving as they had been at the same age. 

You know, the way that we can tell a thriving baby is by its size.  About the same thing holds true for teens and adults.  I’m not talking about the big fat folks out there, the folks who are eating too many carbs, I’m talking about bone structure.  I’m talking about musculature. 

But getting back to this young fellow, if he not only took in between six to nine hundred milligrams of calcium from good dairy sources a day, yogurt, milk, cheeses, but he also weight trained, not as body builders do, but as Olympic lifters, as power lifters and as strong men do, using fairly high weights with fairly low reps and low sets, then he could possibly, possibly invoke something called Wolff’s law.  Now, there are very many bad definitions of Wolff’s law, but the proper definition of Wolff’s law is that mineralization is laid into bones along axial lines of stress.  So if this young man did squats, and put axial lines of stress into his long bones, into his thigh bones, into his tibia, into his spine, they would begin to lay in more minerals.  They would get denser, they will get longer.  If he did overhead pressing, where he pushed the weight up over his head and again stimulated the growth plates of his long bones in the upper arm and forearm, there’s a good possibility that there again he’s going to help to make those bones stronger.  The pressure of the squats, the pressure of the presses on the spine, will also add bone density to the spine.  Just the fact that he’s exercising will help to increase the amount of fluid he has in his intervertebral disks, the cushioning he has there, which will automatically render him taller. 

So all these things combined with the use of an IGF1 sublingual spray, and the use of a kelp or dulce based iodine supplement to help stimulate thyroid function, should, if he does it every day for the next five years until he finishes ossifying, until his growth plates close up, he should be able to get some more height.  Typically endocrinologists put people who are very, very short, like midgets, on human growth hormone and an anabolic steroid, like Winstrol or Dianabol, to spur their growth, to help them grow and if they do this in the mid to late teens it works pretty well at making them about average height.  They’re still a bit on the short side, but they’re no longer midgets. 

In this instance we have a fellow who is not a midget, who is not a dwarf, but he is a bit shorter than he wants to be.  We can use these physiological tricks.  We can use these physiological laws.  We can use these natural substances that help stimulate growth to help him be a bit taller. 

And with that, I will wish you all God’s blessings.  Be well.  And  I’ll chat with you next time.  Bye-bye.


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