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Thank you so much for your podcasts. They have been a great source of information for me and have led to many changes and improvements in my health and well-being.


Hi Dr Wong i just wanted to tell you i have learned so much from your podcasts and i have told some friends about you and they have benafitted from your Zymessence also.I was going to MD after MD and MD and none of them helped me at all with my badly sprained back muscle then i found your CD on enzymes long story short my back is 95% now thank you so much. I thought my life was over at 39 now i can work 60 hours a week without pain.I think you are a good person and God will reward you for your kindness i pray for you to keep speading the truth and exsposing the lies around us.


Thanks very much ... Michelle.

I love his podcasts. There is so much original and ground-breaking info that his 30 minutes keeps my wife and I chatting about human health for days.
Thank you both ever so much for allowing us out here to so much the wiser in our own heath regimes.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas season to you and Dr. Will.


Your kindness and personal attention does not go unnoticed. Thank you so much.

Dear Dr. Wong,
Quickly let me say how very impressed i am with all your knowledge. i was diagnosed a month ago with a uterine fibroid and anemia, and i immediately started Myomin, Vitalzym, and SSS Tonic. i'm already doing MUCH better! you are wonderful..... I [would] really appreciate your thoughts on this as i highly respect you!!!

P. Burns, NC

Dr Wong,

Just wanted to let you know that my GH levels have gone up 50% in two months from taking your advice. Thanks again.

Mike M.....

Hi Doctor Wong! Once again I must tell you how I love reading your articles and there is no one who has such a complete and brilliant protocol on fibromyalgia. You cover all the bases from hormones to iron deficiency to weight training. I hope you are doing well. I am doing better. Many of your suggestions have helped including iron replacement. I'm using the formula you rec.........

Thank you again, Dr. Wong! You are the best. I'm wondering if I can figure out how to listen to your radio show. Looking forward to exploring your writings on my new wireless (yay!) laptop!
Best regards....
Diane O., Nutritionist

Thank you Michele, for sending these to me. I do appreciate them. I am one who suffered bad things when I had my children. They did what they wanted to weather I chose it or not. We have 30 international rights and they are not inforced for our benifit. I believe the work that you and Dr. Wong do is important to the human race and our rights.


Dear Dr Wong,
Thank you so very very much.  I'm truly grateful for your advice.  You are a wonderful person, and one of the very few who does things for humanity without expecting something all the time.  I'm deeply touched by your unconditional love of humanity.  May God bless your every day, and make you prosperous in every way in your life.
Lots of love,
Nile Y.

Hello folks,
Got your newsletter[thanks] I’m taking vitalzym regularly + nattokinase. Noticed a cooling period when I finished
Libido lift, so I think it definitely works.[wow]no reorder yet as I need a companion....... whatever happens, I thank you for waking me up, as I’ve been depressed over this situation for too long.

I wish good things for you & Michele, & hope to speak w/you soon. Your epiphinata…..steve

Your book "The Care and Feeding of a Penis" is great. I ordered some products from you and received them this weekend. By following your advice with them I can already feel a difference. Dramatically. I am 36 and have been having ED since I was 33. I considered that WAY to early, but had no answers. Now I might.
Thank you,

Dr. Wong
Thank you so much.
It is always a pleasure to hear you on the radio on the Vim & Vigor program. One program, you were describing how a man has more estrogen than his wife feels. It was me I felt that she did not love me and did not care if I was even in her life. About a week after stating the DIM that I got from you my life had changed. Now I know that was just the estrogen talking and I am feel better every day. Thank you so much for all that you do.

R.T., Hawaii

First, I wanted to confirm the LDL/HDL profile consistent with endurance athletes. I am a 43 year old man, and have been a distance runner and cyclist since age 14. I have always had extremely low HDL levels (around 40) and high LDL levels, (145+). I was told to do more cardio. I was already doing about 10-12 hours of "Cardio" each week! Thanks for the wake-up call. My question: Do joint supplements (MSM, etc) actually have any value? I am 43, and concerned about joint health and the damage done by the years of insane "cardio". Thanks, Respectfully, K.K., Yorktown, VA

Dr. Wong,
Cheers to your knowledge, and to our ability to convey that knowledge in lay terms so that the average person can understand your topic well. You must have been an educator... or you love what you do!

Eric M.

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